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Rolex Setting & Winding
A Rolex is a high quality, luxury wristwatch made by the Rolex company. A Rolex watch is a status symbol, making it the largest single luxury watch brand worldwide. Many modern Rolex watches feature a self-winding mechanism that winds the mainspring to power the watch. As long as the watch is moving, it will have power. This is known as "perpetual movement." However, these "perpetual" watches can stop if they're left motionless for too long. If this happens to your Rolex, follow a few simple steps to wind it and reset the time and date.

Be sure to screw the watch crown down as shown in "position 1" to prevent moisture from entering the case.

Here are the four basic positions of the winding crown for most Rolex Oysters:

Position # 1

The crown is screwed into the Oyster case. In this position, the watch is pressure proof end ready to be worn. 

Position # 2

The crown is unscrewed so that it is just a free of the screw threads. In mechanical models. the watch can now be hand-wound. (In quartz models, this is a neutral position).

Position # 3

Pull the crown out to the first notch. The watch continues to run normally. When the crown is turned counterclockwise (as it to unscrew it) the date will change rapidly.

Position # 4

Pull the crown out to the last notch st stop the watch. Adjustments can be made to the position of the hands (when switching time zones for example). Pushing the crown back in then restarts the watch.